Engine eco-cleaning

  • Loss of power?
  • Overconsumption?
  • Technical inspection?
  • Failed the technical inspection?

Restore the original performance of your car and avoid expensive repair thanks to the engine eco-cleaning!


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The root cause of your problems: carbon deposits

From the first kilometers, the combustion of fuel causes an accumulation of carbon deposits in your engine. Result? Loss of power, overconsumption, difficult start, increased exhaust gas… Problems that can make you fail the anti-pollution test of the vehicle inspection or result in breakdowns.

Don’t wait for the warning lights to turn on: every 2,000 km, restore the youth of your engine with our cleaning and depolluting products.

Начиная с 20000 км, 1 автомобиль из 2 загрязнен.

Immediate and tangible results

Decreased consumption = increased autonomy.

Less black exhaust gas = less harmful emissions.

A smoother and a more dynamic driving.

Original performance and responsiveness.

Are you a mechanic?

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Мы заверяем:
  • Your technical training,
  • The initial set-up of your cleaning machines,
  • The availability of communication tools,
  • The after-sales service,
  • The visibility of your garage on our website.
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